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As a key account and product manager for SAP ERP Retail and as a marketing director in the digital economy, I have overseen, supervised, monitored and evaluated projects for more than 20 years.

That's why I'm familiar with the challenges of project management from different perspectives. With my additional qualification in coaching, I offer accompanying support in digital projects, so that project managers can fully concentrate on the technical leadership.

Methodical approach 

Business coaching is based on the assumption that, in principle, companies are best at self-knowledge of what is good for the company, that it is their own expert for the success of the project and that everything that is necessary for it is there.

Coaching is not expert but process consulting and can solve problems through systemic solution- and resource-oriented interventions, so that the project goals are achieved. For this I offer various forms of coaching, such as face-to-face coaching, telephone coaching, online coaching and team coaching. Depending on the coaching assignment, methodological tools can be tools such as constellation work, path-to-goal analysis, circular questions, refraiming, etc.

Coaching project accompanying digitization, agility, IoT, cloud and AI projects are currently in the foreground. Many projects fail. Whether it is actually more than two-thirds of all IT projects that exceed time or budget or be canceled - as some consulting firms have been proclaiming for many year - is an open question. What is certain is that there are many causes of non-performing IT projects because of

  • too little or unclear communication (especially between departments / business and IT),
  • too much politics, egoism and competence-based squabbles in and between the project teams
  • complex, unclear and changing goals and requirements 


In addition, however, low qualifications of the participants, too little budget and to too short timeframe can be responsible for a lack of project success.

Coaching can help only to a limited extent, while coaching at the above points can helpto

  •  increase the work performance and the productivity of the project
  •  to harmonize the relationships of the project participants
  •  to improve communication and time management


 During the coaching, for example, questions can be discussed 

  • How does the project affect my previous work processes?
  • How does my leadership responsibility change and is it extended or restricted?

  • How can I motivate my employees for the project?

  • What options do I have for conflicts between team members?

  • How do I deal with increasing workload and time management?
  • How do I ensure my self-balancing abilities so that it does not burn out?  
  • What career perspectives do I have in changed organizational structures?

Coaching in the event of project conflicts

Conflicts within or between project teams, lack of project progress, frequent sick leave, lack of motivation. There are many reasons for not achieving project goals until the final failure. Often in project organizations, for a long time internally, attempts are made to remedy the causes before an external coach is called in.

Frequently, several project managers are exchanged and teams are changed without any better project work being identified. An early coaching intervention makes sense at the first sign of delays, dissatisfaction and poor work results. 

Quality control

In addition to trust, sympathy, openness and mutual esteem and discretion, co-ordination of the coach in the project planning process as well as the transparency of goals and a common understanding of what is to be achieved with the coaching are decisive for a successful coaching. For this purpose, concrete goals and expectations should be clarified in advance.